Monday, July 22, 2013

The fairer half of Sister Dixon's district

July 15, 2013

Hello family!

First, all of us are still at MSU!  It is such a blessing to be together for another transfer.  We were pretty sure we would be, but sometimes we would speculate about the crazy things that could happen.  For a while I was convinced I would be training a visa waiter and opening a new area...just kidding, I didn't really think that, but I was expecting the most crazy thing so I wouldn't be disappointed.  We are so happy to be still here and still together though!  Thanks so much to everyone for writing.  We had such an amazing week.

Seriously, we were so blessed this week and I just saw miracle after miracle!  I'll share the highlights with you!

On Monday for P-day we went to a thrift store that just opened up by our apartment.  It was awesome.  You'll probably see some new clothes in pictures and stuff.  I got 5 skirts and 4 shirts for 21 dollars!!  Anyway, that was really fun for us and it was a good time to bond as a companionship.

On Wednesday we had our last district meeting.  I really loved my district and I will be sad to see some of them leave.  One of the elders in my district got his visa!  (Oh, and 3 people from my MTC district are flying to Brazil today.  Crazy!  I feel like my time is soon, but we will see.)  The other visa waiter in my district hasn't gotten anything, though, so he is starting his 3rd transfer in Lansing.  Our district leader is now one of our zone leaders and we have a new district leader named Elder Lyman.  I think it's going to be awesome with them!  I can feel this is going to be a terrific transfer.

I have some exciting news!  Yifan is getting baptized this Saturday.  And guess who is baptizing him?! Bruce!  It's going to be an amazing night.  Yifan progressed so well this week and he just loves everything about the gospel.  We are so excited for him.  (By the way, Bruce reads my blog so here is a shoutout to him.  HI BRUCE!)  

Yifan is the funniest guy ever so I thought I would include some quotes from him.

When the elders passed around their dinner calendar, he thought it was a sign-up to feed the elderLY.  He told us how confused he was because he was like "I thought they already had families and they probably don't even want to get up and come over for dinner."  Too good.

We are also helping him move on Saturday before his baptism.  He told us this is our second time helping him move--we already helped him move from the world to the kingdom of God! How great is that?!

Sacrament meeting was way awesome this past week.  All of the guys passing the sacrament were Chinese recent converts--Bruce included.  They did it with such reverence and joy.  One of them (Frank, he has been in pictures and he is a riot) would pass it to each row and say "Take one" before he passed it on.  It was too good.  Our ward is forming a priest’s quorum as well which has been wonderful to see!  You usually don't have that in a singles ward but we are making one in light of all the recent converts.  Bruce got called to be the 1st assistant.  We are so excited for him and it really is inspiring to see all of them growing in the gospel!

We had such a huge miracle this week.  We had been praying for referrals and for new investigators and on Saturday our prayers were answered!  We had invited all of the ward members to invite friends to the bbq. Well, we got a call from Lyons on Saturday morning and he said he invited 2 friends.  We were like "Lyons, that's so cool!  2 friends?  We are so excited!"  And then Lyons was like "no, 10 friends!"  And it really happened!  Lyons brought 10 friends to the bbq.  And some of his friends brought their friends as well!  We ended up having like 25 members and 40 nonmembers there.  It was so amazing.  We were able to talk to many new people and get return appointments up the wazoo.  They all loved the Slip and Slide too!  It was a success and I know we will see so much work progress from that event.  We are so grateful our prayers were answered!

One last thing:  This week, I just kept feeling like I should read over the family history stories you gave me, mom.  I ended up reading them one night and I especially loved Grandma Dixon's conversion story.  I had never heard it before but it was so powerful to me.  I love thinking I am around the same age as she was when she got baptized.  I am grateful for her strength and conviction.  I am so grateful I get to represent the Dixon name, too.  I hope I do you all proud! I just feel really grateful that we all have the gospel in our lives and that our ancestors worked so hard to have it as well.

I love you all!

Sister Dixon

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