Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 3, 2013

Hi family!

It was a crazy P-day yesterday and we didn't get to e-mail but we were allowed to come and e-mail for a bit today.  This will be super short but I wanted to send a little something! 

Dad, I am really happy you are doing well!  That's pretty scary but I am glad everything worked out for you.  Thanks everyone else for the updates as well.  It's always exciting to hear from you and I am excited for school to start for you all.

We had an INCREDIBLE week here.  I love my new companions SO much.  We get along really well and they are such hard workers.  Sister Richardson is from Salem, Utah and she is so sweet and has such a strong testimony.  Sister Smith is from Roswell, New Mexico and is absolutely hilarious.  I love spending every day with them and we have been blessed so much this past week.  Campus is amazing right now!  There are so many people and it is such a blast to be able to talk to people all the time.  We usually had big gaps in between invitations to learn because there was barely anybody on campus to talk to but now we go from person to person and it is fun.  I am loving it and the new sisters are awesome at personal contacting.  Sister Richardson served at WMU before so she is used to being on a campus.  They played MSU on Friday and MSU won...she's in the better place :)

I had the best day I have ever had on my mission on Thursday!  We had so many lessons and new investigators and everyone was amazing.  We all got home and we were so happy and we said, "The only thing that would make today better is if Katie made us empanadas again."  (Katie is our neighbor.  She just got home from her mission in Argentina and she made us empanadas on Wednesday night.)  Lo and behold, we said our prayer to begin planning and we got a text right after and she was like "Hey sisters!  I made more empanadas, do you want some?!"  It was seriously the best day ever.  And we have seen many miracles like that left and right.  It's amazing!  My companions are so positive and fun to be around and missionary work is awesome here.

That's pretty much it on my end.  Sorry I am rushed, but I will write more next week!

Hope you have a great week of school!  I love you all!  Stay healthy, safe, and happy!

Sister Dixon

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