Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holding Br. Ericson's copy of her grandpa's book
December 30, 2013

Helloooo family!

Dang I am sad President Hess already told you I am training.  I wanted to be the first to break the news that I am "pregnant" as they say here, but the cat’s out of the bag already.  I am really excited for this opportunity!  So Sister Gonzales and I will be co-training the new sister--I am staying in a trio this next transfer!  That makes 8 companions and I am not even halfway through my mission!  Crazy!  I love getting to serve with new people, though.  I know I will learn a ton from Sister Gonzales and the new sister.  Sister Gonzales and I came out together.  She is a visa waiter as well and we are going to the same mission in Brazil.  We were in different districts at the MTC so I don't know her super well but we got to talk a little bit on the plane ride over here.  She has been at Battle Creek her whole mission so this will be a change for her but I think it will be tons of fun.  I am dropping off Sister Kaegi (she is going to St. Joseph's) and Sister Anson (she is going to Battle Creek) this afternoon, spending the rest of P-day with the MSU sisters, and then picking up Sister Gonzales tonight.  We will pick up our greenie on Thursday. 

It was so good to talk to you all this week.  I loved Christmas time SO much.  I loved getting to visit those who were lonely and sad around this season.  It surprised me how many people are all alone during the holidays--it was heartbreaking.  Our thoughts were often turned to Christ, as He is one person who knows what it feels like to be alone.  Even in the darkest moments of loneliness and grief, we can turn to our Lord and Savior who is there to console us and be by our side.  We sang Christmas hymns to people and talked about the birth of Christ.  It was all very uplifting and I was so grateful for the opportunity to be a disciple of Christ at this time of year. 

One miracle that happened this week is we finally set a date with Jaszzameen!!!  We have been trying and trying because she knows all of it is true, but each time she gets very defensive and tells us not to push her.  It was such a miracle we were able to set a goal this time, but I know it was because the Spirit was so strong.  The member who was at the lesson with us bore the most powerful testimony of how her baptism has blessed her life and how she knows the Book of Mormon is true.  It was so beautiful!  We set a date of February 8, which is the last Saturday of this transfer, so I am excited to get her ready for that day. 

The ice is pretty much gone now.  But it's supposed to get really cold this week and we lose our car on Wednesday.  It might be a rough couple of first days for the new missionary.  Poor girl.  Power is almost back—there are still a few people without it.  They said headlamps have been lifesavers--but hard to have conversations with each other, haha.

Other than that there isn't too much more to report on.  Thanks for giving me the most uplifting Christmas phone call and for being the most wonderful family!  I am so grateful to spend eternity with you all!  Keep me in your prayers this week that training will go well and that we can find new families to teach.  If you could fast for us to find new investigators as well that would be so amazing!

Have a great new year!  Love you all!

Sister Dixon

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