Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring has sprung...

April 14, 2014

...as evidenced by the CRAZY parties happening around campus right now.  People are trying to take advantage of the warmer weather by killing off their brain cells before finals week--good thought, eh?  My testimony of the word of wisdom has never been so strong.  It's one of the perks of serving on a college campus!  

We had a WONDERFUL week here.  I know I say that every week, but it's true.  I am just amazed at how much Heavenly Father helps us in this work.  I don't have too many updates, but here are the major ones:
--Dymin is getting baptized this Saturday now!  So dad, we will have a baptism on your birthday which is pretty cool!  We are really excited for her.  She was such a miracle to find and has been progressing so well ever since.  This last week we taught about tithing and fasting and she is so excited to give her all to Heavenly Father.  She kind of zoned out when we were talking about fasting and she thought the whole lesson that we fast every day, not once a month.  So at the end of the lesson when we committed her to live the law of the fast she was like "Ok!  And let me make sure I have this straight.  I can only eat dinner every day, right?" We definitely clarified the law of the fast BUT it was cool to see she was even willing to starve herself for Heavenly Father!  The bummer is she is going home for the summer (in only a few weeks).   That is happening with a ton of people in the ward so we are working hard to make sure they will have lots of support wherever they end up.  But we are still SO excited for her!                                              
--Thank you for all your prayers for Alysha!  Last Monday she still hadn't contacted us but we went home that night and tried texting her again.  She ended up texting us back and saying her phone was broken all last week and when she got it fixed, she didn't have our number anymore!  She is willing to meet again as well. Lessons learned = persistence and the power of prayer!  If we didn't try again then we probably wouldn’t be in contact with her again!
--Last time I served at MSU, we taught an investigator named Steven.  You might remember him from my old letters.  He stopped investigating a couple weeks after I got transferred last time but then he called a few weeks ago randomly and said he wanted to meet again.  It's so cool I am here again and able to teach him; he is progressing so well so we are really excited for him!  Another lesson of persistence!  I know Heavenly Father is so patient with us so we should be patient with others as well.

Many other miracles are happening.  It seems like my visa may be arriving soon which is really crazy to me. I have been trying to work my hardest while I still have time here!  I have to make each and every day count. I know there's still a possibility of me staying and I don't ever really know what is going to happen, but the other night when I was saying my prayers I poured my heart out in gratitude for all the people I have met here and the experiences I have gained.  The reality I might only have 3 weeks left in Michigan and I might have to say goodbye to all of these people soon hit me pretty hard and I started bawling.  I LOVE the people here so much.  Heavenly Father has been too good to me!

At zone training this week we talked about how to help our investigators to progress.  I pondered about progression for a long time and realized how truly exciting it is to progress.  I thought back to my first day in the mission field and how awkward and nervous I felt and pictured how it would feel to be that same missionary for every day of my mission--terrible.  To me, one of the biggest miracles of the atonement is the ability it gives us to change!  I am so so so grateful that we don’t have to be the same people we were yesterday and that the atonement covers all of the imperfections and mistakes we have.  I invite you all to watch this video and ponder the opportunities Christ has given you and what you will do to make it up to Him!  Happy Easter everyone :) 


Sister Dixon

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