Monday, May 12, 2014

May 9, 2014

Hey family!!

Today is our P-day at the CTM.  It’s so good to hear from all of you.  And I just want to give you a heads up:  I am typing on a Portuguese keyboard so some of the typing might be wonky.

I don't have a ton of time but I will try to update you on as much as I can.  I LOVE it here!!!  I have been at the CTM for a week or so now and it's been really wonderful.  I am companions with Sister Empey (we have served the exact same mission--we started in the Provo MTC together) and we also have 2 other elders in our district now who were in our first district.  It's really great!  Sometimes though we feel like we haven't even been in the field before this.  It's weird to be here and feel like a brand new missionary all over again.  I like it though.  I feel like I have been granted this opportunity to think of things I want to do better and consecrate myself to the work all over again here in Brazil. 

Everything is great at the CTM.  I am feeling confident with the language, but my friend told me I will feel fluent when I leave the CTM and then get wrecked when I enter the field.  So I am just expecting that:-)  We are immersed in Portuguese completely!  It's fun  because we can sit by Brazilians at lunch and dinner and talk with them and we also have 2 Brazilieras in our room whom we talk with.  We have been teaching lessons to our investigators here as well and we also left the CTM twice and went street contacting and I could actually understand people so that was pretty exciting!  I accidently asked a lady if she has a child in Christ though . . . the word for child and belief are very similar.

The food is good.  Rice and beans and Guarana every meal!  I really do love the culture and the people already.  I will leave for the field this next Tuesday.  I am way way way excited because I really miss working with real people and doing real missionary work. 

We got to attend the temple in Sao Paulo this morning!  It was absolutely beautiful.  We went to a Spanish session and had English headphones.  It was quite the experience. Not as dramatic as Kirsten's though . . . I hope she is alright!

Well that's about it on my end!  I miss Michigan so so so much but I really feel like I am supposed to be here right now.  I love you all!  I will try to send more next week.

Com muito amor,

Sister Dixon

p.s. Everyone calls me Sister Geexon here . . . so great!  My dreams are coming true;-)

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