Sunday, December 8, 2013

I'm not "leafing" Williamston!

With Elder Wiscombe, who is leaving Williamston
November 18, 2013

Hello everyone! 

I chose this title because I am staying in Williamston with Sisters Anson and Kaegi.  And it's also symbolic because we raked leaves SO MUCH this week.  It was wonderful! 
Well, we are all super shocked we are staying together but really excited too.  Sister Anson trained Sister Kaegi and usually they separate trainees from trainers after training is done but we are all staying together.  It is going to be a great transfer, I can feel it. 

We had a wonderful week here.  The highlight was obvious--Elder Golden coming.  It was incredible.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude I get to be on a mission at this time and in this area to learn from such a great man! 

Our mission spent time spiritually preparing for Elder Golden to come.  We fasted and prayed that it might be a revelatory experience and that we might ponder the questions we need answers to.  I wrote down questions about faith and following the Holy Ghost, and lo and behold, he hit really hard on those subjects.  It's like this church is true or something!  I really loved what he said about faith.  Faith is personal righteousness, and personal righteousness comes from obeying God's commandments and laws.  Our church has many commandments and laws to keep--and missionaries have even more rules to abide by!  However, obeying those increases our faith, and Elder Golden said our church is the ONLY church on the earth that helps its members cultivate enough faith to enter back into the presence of God.  What a blessing it is for Latter-day Saints to know commandments are not restrictions, they are opportunities!  We are working hard to implement what Elder Golden said into our missionary work.  I am confident we will have increased success.

Service was kind of a theme for this week.  We ended up doing 3 different service projects of raking leaves which was amazing:  for a couple we met while we were door-knocking; for Kenneth, our 91-year-old investigator; and last, for a couple who was moving next door to our ward mission leader.  Each time it was amazing to see how touched people were for the simple acts of service we rendered.  Hopefully we continue to be blessed with opportunities to serve!  The Relief Society lesson was about serving others as well.  It really made me think about something I heard once:
Trials either make you BETTER or BITTER.  The difference between those 2 words is the letter "I.” When we experience difficult times and we focus on how they impact ourselves, we become bitter and lose faith.  On the other hand, when we focus on others, we become better for it and we are able to bless others in the process.  This has been so true for me throughout my mission.  Missions can be terrible when you focus on yourself.  However, when you focus on helping and serving others, you find yourself lifted and ennobled by the spirit of charity.  The spirit of charity helps us to become more like our Savior.  I think Mosiah 5:13 says it best:
For how aknoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?  Our ultimate goal on missions is to become as the Savior, and the way to do that is to serve others selflessly.  Loving the people is the key.

Here is a quick weather update:  Last P-day after we left e-mailing it started snowing a bit!  It melted the next day and then it was pretty good weather for the rest of the week.  Hopefully it stays pretty nice because we lose our car this week.  Yesterday afternoon after church we were going door-knocking and then we got a text from our zone leaders that there was a tornado watch!!  The weather was CRAZY!!!  It was so much fun.  It was pouring rain and there was so much wind.  People at the doors were so receptive because we kept telling them how important this is to us!  Tons of people lost power though and we taught a lesson that night with flashlights in hand in case the lights went out--they kept flickering throughout the lesson.  It was such an adventure. 

I know God has a plan for each and every one of us.  I hope I can serve my best in this area and I am grateful to serve here!!
Love you all!!!

Sister Dixon

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