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Nono's baptism
November 11, 2013

Hello family!

We had such a wonderful week here in Williamston.  I realized this week I have fallen in love with this area. It was shockingly different at first, but day by day I have really grown to love the area and the wonderful people I have the privilege of working with.  I really hope I get to stay and see the miracles unfold next transfer, but we will see what the Lord has in store for me.  I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. I love reflecting on this past transfer and seeing how much I have learned and how many tender mercies the Lord has sent us.  

Here are some miracles from this week:

We have had some issues figuring out the best use of our time during the days here.  None of our investigators can meet during the day and none of the members are home, so we usually go door knocking at that time.  However, many of those people are not home either, so we feel pretty unproductive.  We have been praying for an investigator who would be able to meet during the day.  Lo and behold, we found someone out in Williamston who is amazingly prepared and is a stay-at-home dad so he told us to come back any time during the day.  It was such an answer to our prayers and I am so grateful. We taught the restoration to him this past week and it was amazing.  We have lots of hope and faith for his progression.

Getting investigators to church here is always kind of hard.  Our proselyting area is like 30-40 minutes from the church building and many of our investigators need rides to church.  The Lord always helps out, though. The standard here is to have 3 investigators at church every week and we have been praying for that to happen.  We were expecting 2 investigators to come and then church started and another strolled in all dressed up in a suit!  We were not anticipating it in the slightest and it was such an amazing miracle.  It was the first time this transfer we have been able to achieve that goal and ahh, we were so happy!  Prayers are answered, folks.

One of the girls whom I taught at MSU got baptized this past weekend.  Her name is Nono and it was amazing to go.  Bruce was able to baptize her and then he confirmed her the next day in sacrament meeting. I wasn't able to go to the confirmation, but it is so humbling to see him fulfill his duties as a priesthood holder. The baptism was so special.  Nono had the strongest desire to follow her Savior's example.  It's amazing to see our impact goes further than the time we spend in an area.  There are hundreds of people in Michigan whom I have had the opportunity to talk with and share the message of the restoration.  Sure, only a few of them have made a covenant with their Heavenly Father, but missionaries leave more of an impact than they know.  It is so exciting to think about the people who, for one reason or another, will eventually be prepared to come unto Christ and follow His gospel.  I know missionaries everywhere in the world have more of an eternal impact than they can ever comprehend.  And that is reason alone to never ever get discouraged. When we are participants in the Lord's work, our efforts extend into the eternities.

When I first got to this mission, President Hess gave us each a Book of Mormon and a red pencil and invited us to read it and highlight all of the references about Christ found within.  I finished yesterday.  It was an amazing experience.  The red passages found on every page have truly strengthened my faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I was especially touched by verses 25 and 26 of Moroni 9.  Christ was lifted up so He can lift us up.  The good news of the atonement is enough to help us out of the deepest of trials or afflictions.  As I read the beginning of Moroni 10, I was filled with the Spirit and I know without a doubt the Book of Mormon is true!! Because it is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet and this really is Jesus Christ's church once again established on the earth.  What a huge blessing the Book of Mormon has been in my life.  I feel truly blessed to be able to share it with others.

In other news, we have a general authority coming to our mission this week!  Elder Golden is here and we have the opportunity to hear from him this Wednesday.  I am SO excited.  I can't wait to tell you all what I learn.  We fasted as a mission last week that we will all have a revelatory experience with Elder Golden here and so I am excited to see what the Holy Ghost teaches us!

Also, I keep forgetting to tell you, but we heard a couple weeks ago our mission will be getting iPads soon! We should have them by January.  It is so exciting to see how the work is hastening.  It is tangible.  I know people will respond to this technology and it will bring a new side to missionary work.  We are really excited for them.  Each missionary will have his/her own iPad that comes equipped with an electronic planner and area book, Mormon Messages (we can show them on doorsteps!), all of the study materials I could dream about, and much much more.  It will be amazing.

Here are some funny things that happened this week:

Nono wanted us to sing a musical number at her baptism and the song she requested was “Angels We Have Heard on High” hahaha.  People in the audience were pretty confused but hopefully there will be a YouTube video of it soon. 

A less-active lady named Sister McCord came to church on Sunday!  We go and visit her every week or so in Williamston and she is SOOO hilarious.  She is older and sure knows how to speak her mind.  Yesterday in the middle of sacrament meeting a member of the bishopric was up speaking and she yelled out to us, "Who is that?  He looks like he really needs a haircut!"  Later on in the meeting, she pulled out her wallet and started paying us each $10.  We tried giving it back to her but she kept pushing it away and yelling, "I can afford this!"  Oh gosh, we were dying laughing.  By the end of church we were able to give it back but we learned there is never a dull moment with Sister McCord!  

Have a great week!  Love you all!!

Sister Dixon

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