Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Saying goodbye

February 10, 2014

Well, family, get ready for the biggest shock of your life . . . I AM GOING BACK TO MSU!!!!!

Maybe this won't come as such a big shock to you, but I am still in a daze.  I seriously CANNOT believe it.  I thought for sure I would be staying in Williamston another transfer and finishing Sister Flora's training, but we got our calls on Friday and I am leaving--crazy! 

So I will explain what will be happening and answer mom's questions.  A sister training leader is basically like a zone leader, but for sisters.  There are 4 zones with sisters in our mission so there is a pair of sisters who cover each zone.  Sister Smith and I (yep, we are going to be reunited.  I am sosososoooo happy!) will cover the Lansing Zone.  We go on exchanges with the sisters in our zone weekly and report on the exchanges to President Hess.  Also, we, along with the zone leaders, teach the missionaries at zone trainings.  It should be really fun!  I am super excited for it.  I am nervous in a way because I don't feel adequate to train other missionaries, but I know the Spirit will direct my words.  Sister Richardson got transferred; this will be my first time on my mission with only one companion!  Crazy how things work out! 

I won't be training Sister Flora anymore.  I am kind of sad because she was such a blessing in my life.  I will miss Sister Flora and Sister Gonzales so very much!  We will still be in the same district, though.  I will still see everyone in the Williamston ward every Sunday at church so it was kind of a weird goodbye.

Also, they are opening an MSU3 area with more sisters.  So there will be 6 missionaries on MSU campus which will be really exciting.  We aren't exactly sure the logistics of it yet--Sister Smith and I will be in charge of introducing the new sisters to the area and splitting up proselyting areas--but it will be amazing! 

Hopefully I answered everything . . . I will miss Williamston a ton!  But if you can't tell, I am really excited for this next transfer!

I am most sad to leave teaching Rita behind.  She is progressing so well!  We invited her to a baptism on Saturday and she wants to be baptized SOON.  We are still working towards a solid date for her (she has to go to her grandmother's funeral on February 22), but she is really looking forward to her own baptism, which is a huge miracle.  I will send pictures when I get to go to her baptism!

I guess that's pretty much it from my end.  I'm sending some pictures.  I said goodbye to most of the less actives in the ward because I won't be seeing them on Sundays.  Hopefully I'll take some more pictures with members before I leave the area.

Sorry I don't have a ton of time to write individually because I am going to MSU soon, but I loved hearing from all of you!  Sounds like things are going well.  I love you so much!

Sister Dixon

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