Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You're a blizzard, Harry!


February 3, 2014

Hellooooo everyone!  Wow did we have a great week here.  It snowed a ton (hence the subject line), it was so cold that they had to cancel school twice, and we had to push our van out of the snow a few times.  BUT, we had so much fun along the way and had miracles as well!  What a blessing!  People keep talking about how crazy this Michigan winter has been!  How lucky I am to be a part of it! 

Here are the miracles from this week:

1) RITA.  We were able to meet with her on Thursday.  She wanted to meet at the stake center so we gave her a church tour and taught her a lesson there.  She was taught a little by missionaries before when she lived in England so she knew about the Book of Mormon and such.  She had some family members who recently passed so we taught her about the plan of salvation.  It was kind of a bonkers lesson because she had so many questions but she absorbed everything and really took it to heart.  She told us at the end she needs the baptism of the Holy Ghost in her life so she will have to be baptized by water first.  We set a date in February with her and it was such a huge miracle.  I am grateful Heavenly Father directed her and us to the library so our paths would cross.  Rita is going through some hard times right now and is really loving the gospel.  She came to church yesterday and stayed the whole time.  Plus we found an awesome fellowshipper for her who made her feel so welcome.  Ah.  Sweet is the work!

2) Angie came to church!  Angie has been learning from missionaries for a couple months now and all of us have invited her to church many times.  Somehow, she hadn't come yet even though she goes church hopping and attends a different service pretty much every week--why not ours?  When Elder Golden came to the mission he talked about how the adversary will do ANYTHING in his power to keep people from coming to church because it is such a crucial step in their conversion process.   Angie is the perfect example--it seems like something would always come up on Sunday mornings!  She wasn't really progressing so we have been praying about how we could help her or if we should stop teaching her.  But then she came to church!  One of our amazing members texted and invited her and it was seriously such a miracle.  And it goes to show the power of member missionary work.  That's for all you at home!  Fellowship the missionaries' investigators!!!!

3)  Interviews with President Hess this week.  I am so grateful for his example.  Sometimes I get a tiny bit sulky about not being in Brazil but then I remember all President Hess has taught me and all is well with the world again.  I loved getting to talk with him and hear his insight on how important faith and positivity are.  How blessed I am to be serving in this place at this time.

4) Amazing church members.  I don't know if I have ever expressed how much I love the members of the Williamston Ward, but I just wanted to take a moment and say how amazing they are.  They are seriously like a family, and they have helped me to feel like a member of their tight-knit bunch.  I am amazed at how willing they are to come out teaching with us and feed us every night.  Yesterday Sister Flora had a migraine at church and everyone was so worried.  Sister Hunter took Sister Flora out of the chapel and our bishop gave her a blessing before sacrament meeting started.  Everyone kept asking if she was ok and one of the members wrote her a prescription after church for migraine medicine.  We were all touched at how charitable the members were and I just love them so much.  Transfer calls are coming this Friday and I am kind of nervous about what will happen!  I can't believe it's already been a month since we picked Sister Flora up.  I don't want to leave Williamston quite yet but a change would be fun as well.  We will see!

Love you all!

Sister Dixon

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