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10der Mercies of the Lord

Potter Park Zoo

February 24, 2014

Hello family!!

Wow--this has probably been the most amazing week of my mission thus far and I just feel so blessed with everything that has been going on.  Today is my 10-month mark (booo) so I thought I would reflect on the 10 10der mercies we have seen as of late.

1-Finding miracle #1.  On Tuesday, we were on exchanges and I had Sister Harris with me from the Mason area.  We were having a great day and going finding and we decided to go to an apartment complex to hunt down a less-active in the ward.  We couldn't find him, so then we were going to go finding again, so we said a prayer as to where we should go. Sister Harris said, "I feel like we should go on the tree trail, but before we go, can we knock on door 123?"  We knocked on it and it was an amazing lady named Katherine, who let us right in!   We taught her and then set a return appointment and I was grateful Sister Harris was close to the Spirit.  It was seriously so cool.

2-Finding MIRACLE #2.  We were teaching a lesson in a dorm study room to a man named Herbert.  We were sitting around a table and it was pretty quiet and there were people all around us, so we could kind of tell they were all listening.  The lesson went really well and after we finished, Sister Smith wanted to go and talk to a girl who was sitting a table away.  The girl had been making an art project the whole time we were teaching, so Sister Smith just went up and said, "What are you making?  That looks so cool!"  The girl told told her and then proceeded to say, "Oh ya, and I was also wondering how I could join your church." DIRECT QUOTE.  It was amazing!  I was talking to Herbert this whole time, so I didn't hear any of it but Sister Smith told me after and we were stunned by what a blessing that is.  Sister Smith scheduled a return appointment with her for that very night and I had to leave for exchanges but Sister Smith and Sister Frei taught her and her name is Dymin and she is incredible!  She is on baptismal date for March 22 and we are so excited.  She also gave us referrals for 2 of her friends, so it was just such a huge 10der mercy.  I get to teach Dymin tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that.

3-The other sisters in the zone.  We are privileged to have such obedient and diligent sister missionaries here. Sister Smith and I went on exchanges twice this last week, so that was crazy but I loved it.  I went on Friday to serve in the St. John's area with Sister Jensen and Sister Pierce and we had a grand old time there.  I love getting to work with and learn from other missionaries.

4-Our investigators!  Our top investigator right now is Aje.  She is working towards a date of March 15, but she has been praying about baptism and she knows it is an absolute yes!  She loves coming to church and is SO so so funny.  In Sunday School yesterday, we were talking about the creation and how necessary it is for us to have bodies.  The teacher said, "Why did we need to have bodies?"  Aje said, "I wouldn't be able to experience true joy if I couldn't eat a bacon cheeseburger." The sisters also taught Qian again and said his lesson was amazing.  We have others who we are working with and we are seriously so blessed.

5-The plan of salvation in general.  Sister Smith and I found out yesterday Brother Ericson from the Williamston ward passed away.  I think I have included pictures with him but he was one of my favorite people I have met on my mission.  Sister Smith served in Williamston as well, so we were both really sad. He was so sassy but delightful to be around.  He used to be a Catholic priest but met with the missionaries and became so converted to the gospel.   I really loved his dedication to the true gospel and his love for learning. We were super sad and weepy when we found out but found such great comfort in the plan of salvation. The gospel is amazing!

6-The people here.  I love these people with all my heart!  They are too good to us.  Sister Convey in the Williamston ward bought Sister Smith and me new clothes and gave them to us on Sunday--it was so nice!! That is just one of the many 10der mercies I have experienced here from the wonderful people.

7-Priesthood blessings.  I have tried to get a blessing at the beginning of each transfer on my mission. Sister Smith and I finally got ours yesterday (even though it is week 3 of this transfer, haha) from Elder Gardner.  It was an amazing experience!  I prayed I would receive guidance and comfort regarding my new calling and also about my visa.  I thought I would share a quote from the blessing that touched me:  "There is great purpose in the delay of your visa.  Heavenly Father knew it would happen before your call."  It was so powerful and such an answer to my prayers!

8-More answers to prayers.  When I went on exchanges to St. John's I was praying so hard we would see some miracles.  Those sisters have had a hard time with finding new investigators which is something I really struggled with in Williamston, so I was excited to work there.  Anyway, as we went door knocking, we found some people and set return appointments with 2 of them and it was just such a blessing to see God's hand in this work.  We also prayed for moments to find joy and laugh and we had an interesting lesson with a less-active, which pretty much satisfied that plea as well.

9-Rita.  Rita was such a 10der mercy to find at the library in Williamston!  She is getting baptized this Saturday and I am so grateful for our paths crossing.  I will send pictures in the e-mail this week!

10-God's creations.  We experienced snowthunder today (it's a real thing--a thunderstorm when it's snowing) and we also went to the zoo this morning with a girl in our ward who is interning there!  Side note-we got to pet a rhino!!  But all of these things got me thinking about our amazing Father in Heaven and all He created for us.  We are beings capable of creating as well, and I am so grateful for the knowledge of our divine nature. God is amazing!  I love Alma 30:44, Mosiah 4:9, and 1 Nephi 11:17.  

11-My companions on my mission (it was hard to only pick 10).   I seriously have been so blessed with amazing people to work with and Sister Smith and I are having the BEST time right now.  We trust each other so much which seriously makes a world of difference.  My Christlike companions have helped me to understand and appreciate my relationship with my Savior even more.

Well that's about it on my end.  I am sorry I don't have a ton of time to answer you individually but here's to 10 months of missionary work!  Time is going way too fast but I am SO grateful to be a servant of the Lord!

p.s. I got the package, mom.  Those wool socks could be counted as 10der mercy 12.  


Sister Dixon

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