Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Expect the Unexpected

Storm feet (see below)

May 26, 2014

Hello family!!

I hope all of you are doing well!!  Sorry this will be short but things are going great.  We had a crazy week but I am loving the experience and challenge of finally being in Brazil.

Here are a few points of interest:

--We were supposed to hear from Elder Anderson this week but it ended up getting canceled because of riots about public transportation!  Crazy, right?  There was no way for the missionaries to get to the church building.  And apparently the riots were so bad that we had to stay in our apartments until 6 p.m. on Wednesday.  It was really weird to feel like we had another P-day but I made a bolo (Brazilian cake) for some recent converts so that was fun.  I was disappointed we couldn’t hear from Elder Anderson, but hey, opposition in all things right?

--The family we are teaching is doing really well.  We continued to teach them this week and they are making friendships with the ward members we have been bringing to lessons.  The Spirit is always strong during the lessons and I love how excited the children get about the gospel.  I understand why Christ wants us to be like children.  They are seriously amazed at every point of doctrine and everything Christ did for us.  Nickoly drew a picture of me I thought was funny...she spelled my name like the Brazilians say it (Geexom). Nickoly, Celia, and Leticia came to church again yesterday.  At the beginning of church they were nowhere to be seen and I was so bummed.  But we started RS (we have sacrament meeting last here) and I had a prayer in my heart they would still come. Sure enough, about halfway through the meeting they came and it was such a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father.  I know He really loves me and hears and answers every prayer.

--It’s really funny because we are starting winter here.  All of the Brazilians are bundled up in tights and turtlenecks and they worry about me when I only have a cardigan or light jacket.  Sister Vieira and I practiced how to say ´´I served in a mission that was 20 degrees below zero so I think the weather is perfect right now!´´  Its been raining a ton this past week which makes it hard to talk to people but this week looks like it will be better so hopefully we will pick up some new people to teach.  I attached a picture of my feet after a long day of walking in a storm:-)

On a more spiritual note, I feel like a huge theme of my mission has been patience.  I have learned patience truly is a heavenly attribute, and it was affirmed this week when I was reading in Ether 12:

´´E agora eu, Morôni, quisera falar algo a respeito dessas coisas. Quisera mostrar ao mundo que fé são coisas que se esperam, masnão se vêem; portanto, não disputeis porque não vedes, porque não recebeis testemunho senão depois da prova de vossa fé.´´

One thing I like about the translation in Portuguese is the word esperam.  Esperar is a verb that means to hope and to wait.  In English it says those who believe in God hope for a better world, but I like thinking those who believe in God WAIT for a better world. Patience truly is required to receive heavenly blessings for our obedience. Some blessings may not be received until after this life, but they will come!  The language is coming slowly, but surely and I am learning more and more how important patience truly is. Sometimes I feel like I am progressing really well and then I will try to talk to someone else and forget everything . . . but it’s alright.  It really is.  Because I have been called by God to serve here at this time.  I have been promised by my Heavenly Father that He will provide the qualities and attributes I need to complete His work. When I have patience with myself and with Heavenly Father’s timing, everything is always better.

Sister Vieira is wonderful and so patient with me and things are going well! I feel very blessed to be here. The culture, the language, the people, the fruit, and the flowers are so beautiful!!

Ate segunda-feira!   Eu amo voces!

Sister Dixon

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