Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hu's baptism

September 30, 2013

Hello family!

We had an amazing week here!  Hu Wen Qi got baptized on Saturday and it was a great day.  He said what first attracted him to the Church was how serious we took sacrament meeting (there are a ton of churches in East Lansing that have rock bands and stuff that play during church) and the high standards of Latter-day Saints.  It's wonderful to have been able to see him grow and progress!  He truly has become so much happier because of the gospel in his life and I feel so blessed to have been able to be the one to share it with him!  I'll attach pictures.  Also he bought that suit for his baptism!  It was so precious to see him stroll in.  Oh and by the way his name is pronounced Who When Chee.  We sang another musical number so look for it on YouTube ( and I gave a talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Mom--he wanted to sing “When Faith Endures” for the closing hymn so that was cool!  He was able to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday as well which was a really tender experience.

We have been blessed in so many ways!  We have been meeting incredible people.  There is one guy named Steven who walked up to us as we were talking to people on campus.  He was like "Are you Mormons?"  We started talking to him and it turned out he took missionary lessons over the summer in Troy, Michigan--that's in the Detroit mission.  He was hesitant about meeting again but he told us every time he wants to sell his soul to the devil, missionaries find him and so maybe he should take that as a sign.  We ended up meeting with him yesterday morning and he told us he already knows the Book of Mormon is true and so we committed him to baptism!  It was amazing!  He was so prepared and it was such a miracle to cross paths with him.  It was so funny at his lesson.  We finished teaching and then after he was like "Wait--I do have one question."  He is really smart and was asking really deep questions the whole lesson so I was pretty nervous.  Then he said "How does the church feel about polo?"  It was really unexpected and I still have no idea why he asked that but he is awesome and so prepared!  He ended up coming to church later which was such a blessing too.

Saturday was the best day of my mission!  We had Hu Wen Qi's baptism and after we went and got Tasty Twist together.  Then we had a ward BBQ which ended in cooking s’mores in the fire pit behind the Living Center.  It is sooo beautiful back there!  The trees are changing right now and East Lansing is seriously gorgeous.  I have heard it will get pretty cold soon though so hopefully I can find some cheap winter clothes.  After the party we went to the RS broadcast.  Wasn't it amazing?  I loved hearing them talk about covenants!  Covenant people are happy people.  I am grateful for the chance we have to make promises with God.  We were all so happy that day and felt so grateful to be missionaries!

Transfer calls are this week.  I really hope I get to stay with these wonderful companions.  I kinda have a feeling I will be transferred, but we will see!  

Also, mom, I have heard that visa website is pretty unreliable.  One guy in my district at the MTC got his visa and it said it hadn't even been received and then someone else said his was done and he didn't actually get it for like 2 transfers.  Who knows?!  I love the adventure and suspense behind waiting for my visa.  The good news is it's all working out like it's supposed to!

Have a great week everyone!  I love you all so much!

Sister Dixon

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