Saturday, August 30, 2014

God's plan is perfect!

August 4, 2014

I  know I have said this time and time again, but I have learned on my mission that Heavenly Father’s plan is absolutely PERFECT.  I learned this in Michigan while waiting for my visa.  The timing of my visa was perfectly planned--I have been learning the lessons I needed to at just the right time.  I have such a strong testimony that if we just trust in the plan Heavenly Father has for us, everything will work out in the end!

Anyways, this week we had a huge miracle that strengthened my testimony of this even more.  On Thursday we were doing nightly planning when we got a call from one of the secretaries of the mission.  He was excited to tell us he had a VERY important referral to give us. 

The secretaries received an e-mail from a guy who lives in the US.  He is a member of the Church who recently got home from his mission and returned to visit South American countries with a mission buddy. While they were traveling through South America, they met a girl named Jaqui who looked like she was going through a hard time.  They talked to her about the gospel and she was really interested and so they got her contact information and sent it our way.

We called Jaqui right away and set an appointment for the next day.  But here is where it gets even more perfect:  Jaqui lives on the same street as us here in Brasil and also she is PERUVIAN!!  And if you don’t remember, so is my companion!!!

Jaqui grew up in Lima, Peru but moved here about two years ago to go to school and work and live with her uncle.  She speaks Portuguese but it’s been so cool because she and Sister Moscoso talk in Spanish with each other and relate and I just have such a big testimony that this was divinely orchestrated.  Jaqui has had lots of difficulties lately and she is loving the gospel.  She came to church yesterday and has a hunger to learn--she has been reading everything we give her and truly feasting on the words of Christ!

We had lots of good experiences this week and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be on a mission and see the hand of the Lord in my life with such clarity.  

What a huge miracle it was and still is.  I am grateful for the returned missionaries who continue to share the gospel because they made two sister missionaries in Brasil very happy!! I am grateful for the Book of Mormon and how it heals the wounded soul.  I am grateful for mission calls because I know there is inspiration about where and when.  I am grateful for the infinite love Heavenly Father has for us.  I am grateful He would plan something so elaborate and wonderful for each one of our lives.

I hope you have a great week!  I am grateful for all that my mission is teaching me right now.  Love you all!  Dulce é o trabalho! 

Sister Dixon

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