Friday, August 29, 2014

The Calm after the Storm

Henrique's baptism
July 28, 2014

I seriously cannot remember right now if the phrase is The Calm before the Storm or after--I am forgetting things in English!! But I feel like last week I kind of vented about it being a hard week but we had calm after the storm and this week truly was wonderful in every way!  And if I messed up the phrase...oh well.  I hope you all can understand.

We had so many great things happen this week but I would have to say the highlight is that Henrique was baptized!  I don’t know if I have talked much about him but it truly was a wonderful experience to teach him and see his progression in the gospel.  I talked about how on my birthday we found an awesome man named Aparecido and he said we could come back and teach him.  Anyway, when we came back, he wasn’t in his work where he usually is and his neighbor said he is an alcoholic and doesn’t want to learn more, but just said those things to be nice to us.  We felt really disappointed by this, but we felt like we should knock on his door anyways.  When we visited, he wasn’t home, but his wife, MariaInes, was.  She told us about many experiences and we talked about the gospel and she said we could return as well.  When we returned, she said she wasn’t interested because she already has a religion but we started teaching her son, Henrique.

As I am typing out this story I have chills.  It is so amazing to me to see how Heavenly Father plans things perfectly...I have such a strong testimony that when we listen to the Spirit, we will always be guided to where we need to be.

Henrique is wonderful!  He is twenty-seven years old.  He really changed so much throughout the teaching process.  He was baptized yesterday and it was so great.  MariaInes came as well.  While Henrique was changing after the baptism, Sister Moscoso and I gave brief testimonies about baptism and the Holy Ghost.  We sat down and then MariaInes went up to the pulpit and started thanking everyone for how much they changed her son’s life and she started crying!! She said the Spirit touched her heart so much when he went down into the water.  It was such a spiritual moment for me and we were so grateful that MariaInes was touched.  We talked with her after and she wants to join the Church too!! She has WOW things to work out so it will take some time, but it was such a miracle.

Sister Moscoso and I feel really grateful to be working in this area right now.  I am loving the Brasilian people and all of the experiences I have had.   I am certain this church is The Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth and that it changes lives.  I know we truly can gain power to become like Christ as we study the scriptures and pray.  I know the sacrament and the atonement of Christ can change our natures and help us feel the joy and peace that comes from forgiveness.  I know Christ lives and He is directing this work right now!!

I love you all so much--have a great week!

Sister Dixon

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