Saturday, August 30, 2014

Open Your Mouth

August 11, 2014

Hello all!!

We had a great week here in Cidade Vargas.  Time is flying so quickly but I am loving every minute of it and working my hardest until the end!  I really want to make sure I learn everything I am supposed to while I am here!  But I still have two months so I have plenty of time:-) 

This week was so crazy busy because we had MLC on Tuesday and then we had exchanges on Friday.  I was exhausted every day but so glad to be a missionary because of all the wonderful experiences we have!  Miracles happen every day--we just have to have the eyes to see them.

Our investigators are all doing well.  Jaqui is progressing and reading so much!! She has so many questions and doubts which is good because I know she will have a rock-solid testimony in the end.  We are also teaching a nine-year-old girl named Iara who has been coming to church for three months now.  Her dad is a less-active member and she comes to church with her grandpa.  She should be getting baptized soon as well so we are excited for that!

This week I learned a huge lesson about the power of opening your mouth.  President Broadbent is a firm believer in the power of talking to people and he is bringing that concept into the Sao Paulo South mission right now.  He raised the standard of contatas we have here in the mission and this week at MLC he talked about why.  It isn’t just about spreading our message with everyone (which is a really good thing, too) but it’s about showing our faith in Christ and our obedience!  It can be hard to talk to people on the street--especially when you and your companion are still learning Portuguese--but Heavenly Father will provide miracles when we show we are willing to talk to His children.

This week we did over 130 contacts and seriously talked with so many people on the street!  It was a WONDERFUL experience.  I felt so happy all the time and grateful for the message we carry.

And, sure enough, we saw the miracles come.  For example, we met a man who had been taught by the missionaries in the past.  He still remembered about the restoration and the Book of Mormon.  However, he said after the first lesson he wanted to learn more, but for one reason or another, the missionaries never returned!  We got to teach him on Saturday and it was so cool to see how Heavenly Father puts people in our paths.

The gospel is wonderful.  Truly wonderful.  And I know when we open our mouths about this message, our own testimonies will strengthen and we will feel happiness, joy, and peace.

I love you all!!

Sister Dixon

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